Stories & Advice

Send us your best, your worst, and everything in between. All contributions are anonymous!

Examples of submissions include:

  • Your best and bravest texts, snaps, letters, etc.*

  • Stories of success (communicating something super tough, loving someone especially well, etc.)* 

  • Your honest advice

    • What advice would you give your younger sibling (real or imagined)? 

    • What do you wish you'd known when you came to college?

* Feel free to send some "what not to-do" examples too! We made a super-long list of questions for you to peruse if that helps you too (find it here)

A Letter

We're working on a new (and super exciting) project where we're encouraging contributors to write letters to the next generation of women and young people!

(note: we're accepting submissions both online & offline)







Ps. If you want to just send us a note instead, you can do that too! Just click here!