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Why did you start The Coral?

We started the coral after we realized:

  • College would have been far easier if we'd had an older sister to show us the ropes

  • Although we've struggled over and over with dating & intimacy issues in college, we've learned a couple of things along the way

  • One conversation could make all the difference — when we share our stories and advice with other women, we give them the tools they need to navigate tough and unfamiliar situations

We believe

  • We can learn a lot from each other (we all have a little piece of the puzzle figured out)

  • There is a lot to navigate when it comes to dating and intimacy (taking care of your body & mind, learning about what you like / dislike, connecting and communicating with others, navigating social media, etc.)

  • There are countless examples of what not to do, but hardly any examples of what to do (and we think that's lame)

Why is The Coral targeted towards women? Don’t you think men (and other identities) would benefit from this kind of guidance too?

Absolutely. The Coral’s target audience is a topic we’ve talked about at length and plan to continually revisit. Dating and intimacy is tough no matter who you are, and honestly, we’d love to build accessible resources around dating and intimacy for a wide variety of identities and realities. However, given that we’re just starting out, and our team consists of women, we’ve chosen to initially focus our efforts towards women. Put another way, The Coral is for women, but isn’t not for men (or any other identity).

It's FOR women because:

  • We are women. We’ve had a singular set of experiences, and we feel those experiences have equipped us with the context and confidence to write about this topic in a way we feel will benefit and empower other women. Ideally, this wouldn't have to be gendered at all, but we aren’t blind to the fact that dating and intimacy is a shockingly gendered experience — writing about it from the perspective of women is something we’re excited about doing.

  • Women are subjected to cultural expectations that encourage us to be small and silent. Some of our closest friends (who are also incredibly wise, strong, and confident) repeatedly struggle to speak up and tell a partner about their most basic needs or wants in the context of a relationship. One key reason for this is that men typically have the power and control in relationships (whether they realize it or not). And women, as a result, tend to behave more submissively. This is exactly what we’re hoping to change. We believe women have all of the skills and abilities they need to be leaders in their relationships (to set the tone and expectation around consent, communication, needs, boundaries, etc.).

  • We hope The Coral will give women the tools and community they need to confidently and authentically navigate dating and intimacy (whether that's starting a tough conversation, asking for consent, or trusting their gut and speaking up when they feel uncomfortable).

Note: if you’re excited about what we’re doing and would like to help us expand our efforts, we’d love that. Send us an email and we can figure out how to work together

Why is The Coral focused on college-aged women? Why not all women?

The Coral Staff consists of college-aged women and recent graduates hoping to help the next generation of young women navigate the pressures of college dating better than we did. For a lot of us, college was our first foray into dating, physical intimacy, and self-discovery. Therefore, these early experiences were essential in shaping future behaviors and views towards relationships. That being said, dating and intimacy doesn’t get any easier after graduation, so we sincerely hope the content we produce supports women in all walks of life.